Terms of Service

This Agreement is between the Client (hereafter referred to as “You”) and WordCube Inc. (hereafter referred to as “WordCube”)


You agree to receive the services provided by WordCube based on the terms and conditions specified below:


1. Scope of Services 
Under the terms and conditions of this Agreement, WordCube shall provide You with the following value added language services in the form of documents, multimedia, website localization and software localization.


2. Service Procedures
a. After each order is placed, WordCube will provide You with a project quote. You must confirm the project cost and delivery time shown on the quote and wire the payment in full to WordCube’s bank account as specified in the invoice. Once the payment is confirmed and posted to WordCube’s account,WordCube will begin to work on the project. All prices will be based on the quote that WordCube provides.


b. WordCube will deliver the services you select. WordCube does not offer refunds or deductions after your order is confirmed and final services have been delivered. WordCube’s maximum liability is limited to the total price of the order.


c. In the event that You would like to cancel or withdraw an order that has been confirmed. WordCube does not offer any full or partial refunds.


3. Confidential Terms 
WordCube will not disclose any information about the project or the project contents to any third party without Your consent if the information isn’t available through public sources. WordCube will sign confidentiality agreements with You and will bind the members of our project team who work on the project, but we will not be responsible for additional third party liability.